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For undergraduates entering the University from 2016-17 onwards, each student's programme is described in the Programme Factsheet which was made available as part of their offer or provided to them separately.

The Programme Factsheet directs students to this website for additional information about the indicative contact hours associated with each module.

Please note that the modules listed on this website may be updated each year, and so it does not necessarily reflect the content or contact hours that will be delivered in subsequent academic sessions. Allowing for this, please note that changes to compulsory modules will only be made after consultation, where appropriate, with registered students and offer holders affected by the proposal and that optional modules are subject to change.

If you find any data displayed on this website that should be amended, please contact the Curriculum Management Team.

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College Arts and Law Birmingham Law School Law
  CAL Professional Services CAL Professional Services
  Eng, Drama, Ame & Can Stu Drama and Theatre Arts
   Eng Lang & Appl Ling
   Eng, Drama, Americ & Can Stu
   English Literature
   Film and Creative Writing
   Shakespeare Institute
  History and Cultures African Studies & Anthropology
   Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek Stud
   Classics, AH and Archaeology
   History and Cultures
   Ironbridge Int Inst & Cul Her
  Lan, Cult, Art Hist & Music Art Hist, Cur and Vis Studies
   Lang, Cult, Art Hist and Music
   Languages for All
   Modern Languages
   University Music
  Phil, Theology and Religion Phil, Theol & Religion
   Theology and Religion
College Eng and Physical Sci Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
  Chemistry Chemistry
  Computer Science Computer Science
  Mathematics Mathematics
  Metallurgy and Materials High Temperature Research Cent
   Metallurgy & Materials
  Physics and Astronomy Physics & Astronomy
  School of Engineering Civil Engineering
   Elec, Elec & Sys Engineering
   Mechanical Engineering
College Life and Env Sci School of Bioscience School of Biosciences
  School of Geog Earth & Env Sci Earth and Environ Sciences
   Institute of Forest Research
  School of Psychology School of Psychology
  Sport, Ex and Rehab Sciences Golf Studies
   Sport Pedagogy (DNU)
   Sport, Ex and Rehab Sciences
College Medicine and Den Sci Cancer Studies Caner Clin Trials Unit (CCTU)
   Inst of Cancer / Genomic Sci
  Immunity and Infection Inst of Immunology
  Inst Microbiology / Infection Inst of Microb and Infection
  Inst of Applied Health Res Bhm Clinical Trial Unit (BCTU)
   Health Economics (DNU)
   Inst of Applied Health Res
   Primary Care Clinical RTU(DNU)
   Primary Care Clinical Sci(DNU)
   Public Health, Epid & Bio(DNU)
  Inst of Cardiovascular Science Inst of Card Sciences
  Inst of Inflammation / Ageing Inst of Inflammation / Ageing
   Neurobiology (DNU)
   Neurophysiology (DNU)
  Inst of Metab / Systems Res Endocrinology (DNU)
   Inst of Metabolism and Sys Res
   Reproduction, Genes & Dev(DNU)
  Institute of Clinical Sciences Anatomy
   Dental Hygiene and Therapy
   Institute of Clinical Sciences
   Medical Education (DNU)
   Medical Science and Educ(DNU)
   Medicine and Medical Education
   Pharmacy & Therapeutics
  MDS - College Hub Advanced Therapies Facility
   Birmingham Health Partners
   Clinical Immunology Service
   Inst of Translational Medicine
   Life Sciences Campus
College Social Sciences Birmingham Business School Accounting
   Birmingham Business School
   Business and Labour Econ (DNU)
   Entrepreneurship & Local (DNU)
   Organisation/Work/Empl (DNU)
   Procurement & Ops Manag (DNU)
   Strategy and Int Business
  School of Education Disab, Inclusion & Spec Needs
   Education & Social Justice
   School of Education
   Teacher Education
  School of Govt and Society Inst Local Government Studies
   International Development
   Political Sci & Intern'tl Stud
   School of Govt & Society
  School of Social Policy Dept of Soc Pol and Soc (DNU)
   Health Services Management Cen
   Soc Policy, Sociology & Crimin
   Social Policy (DNU)
   Social Work & Social Care
Corporate Services Academic Services PSA
  Educational Enterprise Educational Enterprise
  Liberal Arts & Natural Science Liberal Arts & Natural Science