Programme And Module Handbook
Programme Specification

Date Specification Approved 15/11/2020
College College Arts and Law
School Eng, Drama, & Creative Studies
Department English Literature
Partner College and School
Collaborative Organisation and Form of Collaboration
Qualification and Programme Title B.A. American and Canadian Studies with Semester Abroad Full-time
Programme Code 707B
Delivery Location Campus
Language of Study English
Length of Programme 3 Year(s)
Accreditations This programme has no outside accreditations
Aims of the Programme The programme provides students with the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge of North American history, culture, and politics within a multi- and interdisciplinary context. The programme is designed to develop students' teamwork, I.T. and research skills. With the flexibility to specialise in a key area (e.g. literature, film, history) or to maintain a multidisciplinary approach throughout the programme, students develop skills in researching, organising and synthesising information from a wide range of textual, visual and audio-visual material, and in producing critical analyses of it by employing textual and empirical methodologies and theoretical paradigms appropriate to the fields of American & Canadian studies. The acquisition of good oral and written communication skills is a key aim, and I.T. training is provided in support of these activities (e.g. in the creation of websites for projects; use of Canvas to develop analytical skills through discussion groups;PowerPoint for presentation work). Students also research and produce an independent dissertation, drawing on research undertaken during their semester abroad and supported in their final year by a supervisor.
Programme Outcomes
Students are expected to have Knowledge and Understanding of: Which will be gained through the following Teaching and Learning methods: and assessed using the following methods:
The major historical and cultural trends in North American history and culture
How 'race', class, gender and ethnicity have been constructed and represented in North America from the seventeenth century to the present day
How different modes of representation (e.g. historical documents, film, photography, literature, popular music) mediate specific ideologies through particular techniques, languages and genres
Key paradigms, theories and concepts within and across the disciplines which make up the subject area of N American Studies
Lectures, seminars, and independent study
Class presentations, essays, examinations, group research projects, research dissertation
Students are expected to have attained the following Skills and other Attributes: Which will be gained through the following Teaching and Learning methods: and assessed using the following methods:
Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to produce a substantial piece of academic writing that demonstrates the ability to gather, organise, synthesise and critique a range of primary and secondary materials
Students will be able to effectively present information orally
Students will be able to work effectively in small teams
Cross-cultural awareness (ability to understand, communicate effectively and interact with people across cultures)
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