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Course Details in 2021/22 Session

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Module Title LM Principles of Hydrogen Safety
SchoolChemical Engineering
Department Chemical Engineering
Module Code 04 28864
Module Lead Dr Ahmad El-kharouf / Prof Robert Steinberger-Wilckens
Level Masters Level
Credits 20
Semester Full Term
Pre-requisites Introduction to Electrochemistry - (04 26223) LM Fuel Cell Technologies - (04 37607) LM Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels (H2HF) - (04 37590)
Co-requisites LM Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Laboratories (FCHLAB) - (04 37592)
Restrictions None
Description Introduction, hydrogen properties and hazards.
RCS and hydrogen safety engineering.
Hydrogen safety engineering: framework and sub-systems.
Unignited releases, dispersion of hydrogen in confined space.
Ignition of hydrogen mixtures, and micro-flames.
Outdoor and indoor jet fires.
Deflagrations and detonations.
Safety strategies and mitigation techniques.
(based on the free download textbook by V. Molkov, Fundamentals of Hydrogen Safety Engineering,, October 2012)
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Describe hydrogen properties, hazards and associated risks, and compare properties of hydrogen with other fuels.
  • Explain hydrogen safety engineering framework, its sub-systems and procedures.
  • Demonstrate expertise in predictive calculation of hydrogen dispersion for expanded and under-expanded releases, design of passive and forced ventilation systems
  • Explain specificity of hydrogen spontaneous ignition by the diffusion mechanism and parameters of existence of micro-flames.
  • Display mastery in understanding hydrogen flames and regimes of indoor fires.
  • Apply knowledge of deflagrations and detonations to their prevention and mitigation.
  • Choose an appropriate generic safety strategy and engineering solutions for inherently safer hydrogen systems and infrastructure.
Assessment 28864-01 : LM Principles of Hydrogen Safety : Coursework (100%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Two 5,000 word study reports (ea. 50%)
Reassesment: 100% report, 5000 words.
Other Delivered at Birmingham by Ulster staff
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