Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2023/24 Session

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Module Title LC Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
SchoolComputer Science
Department Computer Science
Module Code 06 30395
Module Lead Kashif Rajpoot
Level Certificate Level
Credits 20
Semester Semester 1
Restrictions Pre-requisite: Mathematics A level equivalent
Contact Hours Lecture-44 hours
Practical Classes and workshops-22 hours
Guided independent study-134 hours
Total: 200 hours
Description Most areas of Computer Science, from graphics to machine learning to cryptography, require specialised mathematical knowledge. Also, Computer Science as a discipline shares deep connections with the foundations of mathematics. This module introduces linear algebra (as used in graphics and machine learning), algebra (as used in cryptography), and set theory (a fundamental language of mathematics). It also deals with the formalisation of computability via (mathematical) automata, learning about regular expressions and grammars along the way, concluding with non-computability and complexity.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • solve mathematical problems in algebra and set theory
  • apply mathematical techniques to solve a problem within a computer science setting
  • explain the basics of automata theory, formal language theory, computability theory and complexity theory
  • describe and use the connection between finite automata and regular language
  • explain non-computability and undecidability issues
Assessment 30395-01 : Examination : Exam (Centrally Timetabled) - Written Unseen (80%)
30395-02 : Continuous Assessment : Coursework (20%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessment:
2hr Examination (80%),
Continuous Assessment (20%)

2hr Examination (100%)
Other Duplicate of Birmingham-based module 30181
Reading List