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Course Details in 2019/20 Session

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Module Title Design Against Structural Failure
SchoolMetallurgy and Materials
Department Metallurgy & Materials
Module Code 04 17184
Module Lead Prof Paul Bowen
Level Honours Level
Credits 10
Semester Semester 1
Restrictions None
Contact Hours Guided independent study-74 hours
Tutorial-4 hours
Lecture-22 hours
Total: 100 hours
Description The course will introduce engineering design against failure under both montonic and cyclic loading, in both the presence and absence of a pre-crack. The concepts of fractured mechanics and their use under both montonic and cyclic loading will be high-lighted. The course will enable students to appreciate and feel comfortable with the principles of elastic stress analysis in both isotropic material and anisotropic material. Examples treated are stress fields around screw-dislocations, edge-dislocations and cracks and stress-distributions in multi-ply laminates, composed of varying-angle piles. Time dependent deformation/fracture at high temperature will be described. The non-destructive testing of materials and structure will be explored. As well as a standard lecture format, the module will contain several Applications lectures from Industrial contributors in the relevant industries.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Describe applications of fracture mechanics in a competent manner;
  • Carry out calculations relating to crack resistance and component life accurately;
  • Describe methods of stress analysis and apply these accurately to the calculation of residual stress;
  • Aanlyse accurately laminate structures and explain the design of elastically anisotropic structures and their wider implications;
  • Describe the common methods of non-destructive evaluation of materials;
  • Describe the subject in an industrial context.

(UK-Spec Learning Outcomes:- US1, US2, E1, E2, P8)

Assessment 17184-01 : Exam : Exam (School Arranged) - Written Unseen (80%)
17184-03 : Coursework : Coursework (20%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions One 2hr written unseen exam (80%); Tutorial Sheets (20%)
Other None
Reading List