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Course Details in 2023/24 Session

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Module Title LH Chemical Engineering Year Abroad
SchoolChemical Engineering
Department Chemical Engineering
Module Code 04 24673
Module Lead Dr L M Grover
Level Honours Level
Credits 120
Semester Full Term
Restrictions Students must have achieved a minimum overall weighted average of 60 at the end of Stage II of the requisite programmes of study in the summer examination period in order to undertake international study.
Description The aim of the module is to provide an opportunity for students to study at an international university of good repute for a year as a direct replacement for the third year of the MEng programme at the University of Birmingham. Modules are chosen to follow, as closely as possible, the relevant Stage III, year 3 Birmingham modules. It is expected that each student will plan the modules/courses to be taken at the host institution in consultation with the appropriate person at both the University of Birmingham and the host institution. The appropriateness of the host institution to the student and vice versa will also inform the choice of host institution. A programme of study is then agreed with the appropriate person at the University of Birmingham, normally the Director of International Exchanges in consultation with the Director of Education.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Apply and demonstrate knowledge in Chemical Engineering subjects commensurate with that of other students following a standard undergraduate masters programme.
  • Adjust to a new culture.
  • Demonstrate the ability to study mechanical engineering topics at an international institution and to appreciate the possible differences between chemical engineering in the UK and overseas.
  • Improve the use of a foreign language in a non-English speaking country, where applicable.
  • Take personal responsibility for acting in a professional and ethical manner.
Assessment 24673-01 : Mark from Abroad Institution : Coursework (100%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions The student is expected to undertake assessment in accordance with normal practice at the host institution.
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