Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2021/22 Session

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Module Title LC Chemistry and Materials
SchoolChemical Engineering
Department Chemical Engineering
Module Code 04 32471
Module Lead NV Rees / AK Ghag
Level Certificate Level
Credits 20
Semester Semester 1
Restrictions The pre-requisite for this module is A-level Chemistry or the appropriate Foundation Year modules.
Contact Hours Lecture-42 hours
Tutorial-12 hours
Supervised time in studio/workshop-6 hours
Guided independent study-140 hours
Total: 200 hours
Description This module introduces the basic chemistry and materials science needed to underpin and support the chemical engineering programmes.
The chemistry content is based on physical chemistry, ranging from atomic structure and bonding, to reactivity and mechanism. Examples will be drawn from organic and inorganic chemistry. The concepts of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics are covered to complement its coverage in other 1st year modules.
The materials science content introduces the range of materials used in engineering applications along with some basic selection rules. Properties of materials, microstructural effects, corrosion, fatigue etc are also covered.
The pre-requisite for this module is A-level Chemistry or the appropriate Foundation Year modules, ie Chemical Engineering 1 and 2.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the structure and bonding and its wider influence (e.g. reaction mechanism);
  • Understand and apply concepts of chemical kinetics;
  • Understand and apply concepts of basic chemical thermodynamics;
  • Describe the properties of materials and their application in the engineering context (e.g. corrosion & fatigue)
Assessment 32471-01 : Online Exam : Exam (School Arranged) - Computer-based (50%)
32471-02 : Class Test 1 : Exam (School Arranged) - Computer-based (25%)
32471-03 : Class Test 2 : Exam (School Arranged) - Computer-based (25%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions In semester assessment: 20%
Exam: 80%
Reading List