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Module Title Complex Variable Theory
Department Mathematics
Module Code 06 06205
Module Lead Alexander Sobolev
Level Honours Level
Credits 10
Semester Semester 1
Restrictions None
Contact Hours Lecture-23 hours
Tutorial-5 hours
Total: 28 hours
Description This module is primarily intended for Theoretical Physics and Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics students. The material covered will include: analytic functions Cauchy Riemann equations. Taylor's theorem; simple convergence tests; non-analyticity; simple and multiple poles; Laurent series; convergence and simple analytical continuation; residues and their calculation; branch points, cuts and more on analytic continuation; Cauchy's theorem and Cauchy's integral formulae; residue theorem and lots of applications including integrands with cuts.
Learning Outcomes information awaited
Assessment 06205-01 : Raw Module Mark : Coursework (100%)
06205-02 : Final Module Mark : Coursework (0%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions information awaited
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