Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2019/20 Session

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Module Title LF Further Mathematics
Department Mathematics
Module Code 06 30322
Module Lead TBC
Level Foundation Level
Credits 20
Semester Semester 2
Restrictions Only available to students studying in Dubai
Description This module builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the Introductory Mathematics module (semester 1). Functions, further calculus and numerical methods will be covered.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Work freely with elementary functions and their inverses
  • Differentiate a range of elementary functions; find and classify stationary points; applications
  • Integrate standard functions; calculate and interpret areas under curves
  • Solve simple first order differential equations
Assessment 30322-01 : Raw Module Mark : Coursework (100%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessments:
30% Continuous Assessment (Class Tests)
70% End of Session Exam (3 hours)

100% Exam in August (3 hours)
Other Duplicate of Birmingham-based module 24633
Reading List