Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2023/24 Session

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Module Title LI Marketing and New Technology
SchoolBirmingham Business School
Department Marketing
Module Code 07 33119
Module Lead TBC – Dubai flying faculty, c/o Sarah Montano
Level Intermediate Level
Credits 20
Semester Semester 2
Restrictions None
Contact Hours Lecture-45 hours
Guided independent study-155 hours
Total: 200 hours
Description This module focuses on managing marketing data associated with traditional and new technologies used in marketing practice for decision making and planning. This includes identification of target market selection, planning marketing activities, product and service development and monitoring consumer perceptions. Furthermore, the module examines the role of marketing measurement techniques and the importance of the selection of the appropriate measurement metrics and tools. Students will develop the skills to critically analyse and assess the continuously evolving digital landscape, building the essential skills required by modern marketers to remain competitive in an ‘always on’ society.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Identify and deploy relevant, key traditional- and digital- measures of marketing performance, and use marketing data to plan and critically evaluate marketing activities;
  • Critically analyse the impact and influence of new technologies on marketing activities;
  • Identify and critically evaluate appropriate sources of data for marketing analysis and use various analytical and social tools for marketing insight and decision making.
  • Identify and deploy key digital tools and platforms, with a focus on how they can be coordinated to support marketing and enhance consumer experiences.
Assessment 33119-01 : Individual reflective essay on intended marketing plan : Coursework (25%)
33119-02 : Individual digital marketing plan : Coursework (75%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessment:
Individual reflective essay on intended marketing plan (1,000 words; 25%)
Individual digital marketing plan (3,000 words; 75%)

Individual reflective essay and digital marketing plan (4,000 words) 100%
Reading List