Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2019/20 Session

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Module Title LH Issues in US Domestic Politics
Department Political Sci & Intern'tl Stud
Module Code 08 23878
Module Lead DR. Watt
Level Honours Level
Credits 20
Semester Semester 1 or 2
Pre-requisites LI Introduction to American Politics - (08 23898)
Restrictions None
Contact Hours Lecture-20 hours
Seminar-20 hours
Guided independent study-160 hours
Total: 200 hours
Description This module surveys the key political issues within domestic U.S. politics in the competing light of economic and political explanations of the dynamics of US domestic policy. These issues include Participation/Non-participation, Campaign Finance, Direct Democracy, Gun Control, Immigration, Affirmative Action, Healthcare, Welfare, Capital Punishment, the role of Religion, Abortion, Drugs, Homeland Security, Drugs and Gay Marriage.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of core issues and controversies within U.S. domestic politics
  • Demonstrate, critical understanding of underlying debate over the role of competing explanations (ideology, culture war, religion, economic) on U.S. politics
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the role of the economy in the dynamics of U.S. politics
  • Communicate a detailed understanding of how the system of checks and balances at the centre of its system of government attempts to resolve competing interpretations of the constitution
Assessment 23878-01 : 1000 Word Briefing Paper : Coursework (25%)
23878-02 : 3000 Word Essay : Coursework (75%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessment: 1 x 1000 word briefing paper (25%) ; 1 x 3000 word essay (75%)
Reassessment: None
Reading List