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Course Details in 2018/19 Session

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Module Title LC Principles of Economics
SchoolBirmingham Business School
Department Birmingham Business School
Module Code 08 29194
Module Lead Toby Kendall and Rob Elliott
Level Certificate Level
Credits 20
Semester Full Term
Restrictions Available only to students on degree programmes that include this module in their first year module portfolio.
Description This module provides an introduction to economics for students taking a degree in which economics is a major component. The main purpose is to equip students with knowledge of the main economic concepts, theories and principles and the basic tools and methods of economic analysis. The module is designed to provide a reasonably complete perspective, at an introductory level, of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The microeconomics part explores the standard analytical frameworks used in examining concepts such as consumer preferences, optimal choice, firms' costs and production decisions, demand and supply, market structures, market failure etc. The macroeconomics part deals with the main macroeconomic variables (GDP, inflation, unemployment) and their measurement, and the basic macroeconomic theory including models of short-run and long-run aggregate demand and supply, and economic growth.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic concepts, theories and models in economics;
  • apply the appropriate methods of analysis to specified economic situations and problems;
  • interpret economic information presented in written, numerical and graphical form.
Assessment 29194-01 : Exam : Exam (Centrally Timetabled) - Written Unseen (75%)
29194-02 : Assignment : Coursework (25%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessments: assignment (1,000 words) (25%), 3 hour written unseen examination (75%)
Reassessment: 3-hour written unseen examination (100%)
Other Duplicate of Dubai-based module 08 30388
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