Programme And Module Handbook
Course Details in 2018/19 Session

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Module Title LI German Language Advanced 2
SchoolLan, Cult, Art Hist & Music
Department Modern Languages
Module Code 09 28410
Module Lead Dr Martin
Level Intermediate Level
Credits 20
Semester Full Term
Pre-requisites LC German Language Advanced 1B - (09 08853) LC German Language Advanced 1A - (09 08848)
Restrictions None
Contact Hours Lecture-10 hours
Seminar-50 hours
Guided independent study-140 hours
Total: 200 hours
Description The module consists of three strands: Grammatik und Übersetzung II: An extension of the ’Learning German’ strand of German Language Advanced I, offering further training in modern German grammar and usage, and translation work both from and into German. Sprachpraxis II: An extension of the 'Sprachpraxis I' element of German Language Advanced I, continuing to use the textbook introduced in that module and focusing oral work, comprehension skills, vocabulary building and the analysis of contemporary linguistic registers. In semester 2, a Landeskunde-Vorlesung, a weekly lecture in German, dealing primarily with aspects of German and Austrian arts and culture (literature, theatre, film, music etc).
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module students should be able to:
  • Have achieved level B2/C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • . Consolidate and expand their understanding and command of the contemporary German language both in its spoken and written forms;
  • Gain practical training in translation skills;
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of post-war German and Austrian society, its politics and culture.
Assessment 28410-01 : Grammatik und Übersetzung : Coursework (20%)
28410-02 : Grammatik und Übersetzung: Written Exam : Coursework (10%)
28410-03 : Sprachpraxis: Essay (650 words) : Coursework (25%)
28410-04 : Sprachpraxis: Oral Exam : Coursework (25%)
28410-05 : Landeskunde-Vorlesung: Listening/Written : Coursework (20%)
Assessment Methods & Exceptions Assessments:
a) Grammatik und Übersetzung strand (30% of module mark): composed of:
  • four assessed translations (equally weighted, 20% of module mark) PLUS
  • 2-hour exam in summer (weighted 10% of module mark);
(b) Sprachpraxis strand:
  • one 650-word essay in German in semester 2 (25% of module mark)
  • an assessed essay of 700 words in Semester 2 (20%); oral examination in May (2025% of module mark);
(c) Landeskunde-Vorlesung strand:
  • one listening/writing test in semester 2 (20% of module mark),): Two listening tests (10% each), to take place towards the end ofin each semester.
Reassessment: Resubmit failed coursework and/or resit failed test(s).
Other None
Reading List